How to find the best beer in the world?

If we knew how to answer this question, then it would mean that we know what the best beer in the world is. And we do not. NO one does. If someone says that they know what the best beer in the world is, then they either work for a brewery or they are a snob who thinks that just because they have read a few articles on beer, they know what the best beer is. Or, there is the third option; they do not know the difference between personal opinion and fact. But in any case, let’s get back to the question of how to find the best beer in the world.

The first thing that you need to do is stop reading, not just yet, finish this article. You need to stop reading and you need to start exploring the world of beer. Sure, you can check up on some of the biggest names and areas of the world where good beer is being made but do not read about the beers themselves. You do not want someone telling you what a beer tastes like using words that have nothing to do with taste of the beer.

The good news is that there is great beer to be had in the US these days, which did not use to be the case, just a couple of decades before. There are now some great breweries in the US and it is not that difficult to find them. Hop into a car with a few buddies and go on a tour of the best breweries in the US.

Once you have found your favorite US beer, and this is not something that you can do before you have checked out at least a hundred brews; you need to go international. More precisely, you need to go to Europe. That is where beer is the king and that is where you will, most probably, find the best beer in the world, which is not the objectively best beer in the world, but the best beer for you as an individual.

In Europe, there are a few countries that you need to traverse up and down in search of the best beer. You need to check out Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic. These are the parts of the world where every village has its own brewery that has been making beer since long before our ancestors came to Americas.

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